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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's your 'focus' as an artist?

      There are times when I tend to question what my 'focus' is when it comes to painting/drawing.  I've learned that many artists' style is focused on one subject matter or technique. For instance, some are portrait artists, landscape artists, abstract artists or collage artists, etc. As for me, I just focus on whatever moves me to be creative.

      Most times, my art subject is provoked by my surroundings. For instance, if I've been shopping all day and picking out clothing, or have been researching fashion (in order to pick out a suitable outfit), I get the urge to begin drawing croquis or female figures.

Or, if I've been spending a lot of time outdoor, I get the urge to draw landscape or flowers.

 And so forth...

I don't know if this does or doesn't classify me as an artist at all!

What do you think?