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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What to do when you need motivation or desire inspiration inorder to create.

Lack of inspiration or motivation can become a problem for an artist/designer. Not every project that we take on, be it contractual or personal, will trigger creativity. Most creative people have something that helps them to work beyond this. So, I am going to share some of my own solutions to those delimmas. Motivation can be difficult when a client's project seems asinine.

There are people who want so many things that are outside of the designer's/artist's taste. BUT! If there was an agreement between the artist/designer and the client, it MUST be carried out. Here's my solution. In order for me to get some motivation, I think about the project and how it reflects who I am as an artist/designer. I begin to remember that what ever I do, it must be outstanding, so that other potential clients will recognize my work. (sn:As an artist/designer we must realize that every project won't seem so fun, untill we make it that way.) After research and brief sketches, I begin to take on the project challenge, and plan the desired time I want to put into it before the scheduled day of completion. There are many different ways you can work on getting motivation, and many reasons to need motivation. Do what ever works for you! Then there is the need for inspiration.

Usually I need inspiration when I know that I need to practice a technique or complete a personal project (portfolio, paintings, etc.). Here's my solution. When it comes to beginning my own series of paintings , I begin to think with the mindset of a child. Children tend to create things without over thinking it. They put an image in thier minds then just go for it. I begin with doodles or just some gesture drawings. I include several mediums and colors until I figure out my desired medium or color scheme. As far as practicing a technique, I study other artists, or try out new projects from tutorials. I tend to go back to the books that I learned from or I use some of my spare time to learn from my peers and favorite artists/designers. Going back to the basics has helped me tremendously when creating.

WELP! I hope that what I've said, has helped someone. If you have some of your own solutions to finding inspiration or getting motivation, please comment!!!!!

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